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Infant activities

Infant activities can vary greatly depending on what you're trying to encourage. Rather, I should say that infant activities differ based on what your infant...

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A Child Uses Educational Toys to Learn

Kids learn from example and not by preaching. I think we all do. They are keen little observers and everything they watch, see or observe around them,

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Imaginative Play

Play can be divided into two large groups. Discovery and Imaginative. Imaginative play fosters creativity and lateral thinking ('out of the box') and helps to teach social skills.

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Alphabet games for kids

Looking for alphabet games for kids? Keep these important points in mind.

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LEGO. The single most popular construction toy for all ages

LEGO is probably one of the most popular construction toy of all time. From double size Duplo blocks to Star Wars, LEGO satisfies all age groups and skill levels.

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Discovery play is an important part of a child's life.

Discovery play and imaginative play make up the majority of a child's play-life. It helps them to foster curiosity and to discover things on their own about the world.

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Great educational toys & games for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Can educational toys help my child learn better? Educational toys are a great way to help children learn and practice essential life skills such as use of active imagination and social skills.

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Contribute To Educational Toys

Would you like to share your knowledge about educational toys? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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child development

im studying child development for GCSE and this information has realy helped., it has given me an insite of what a child does and see things. really

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Actually, my kids love scopes of all kinds. We actually visited your store when you had the retail store open and we bought the large scope that can

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My little one loves Lego and I can see her brain just working figuring out how to make a tall tower without making it fall. It's amazing how many

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magnifyin glass yee haaa

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Lamaze toys -one of the most popular infant developmental toys

Lamaze toys are probably one of the most popular and most loved infant developmental toys. It's no surprise considering ...

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Infant Milestones

You'll want to have these infant milestones for your infant close to hand. It would be a great idea to mark down these milestones in a calendar, notebook, or a journal to...

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Look through this quick page for key information about infants, their toys, developmental milestones, and activities.

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