Can educational toys help
my child learn better?

Educational toys are a great way to help children learn, practice and develop essential life skills such as use of active imagination, social skills and cognitive thinking skills. But, there is one absolute and critical requirement for these toys to pass. They have to be fun!

You see, a lot of toys can be classified as educational, but that doesn't really mean much. You can have a room full of educational toys, but if children don't enjoy playing with them, they are useless.

It isn't surprising to find an average child (I know, your child is way above average, but humor me for the example here) getting easily bored and lose interest in activities that are not fun. Come to think of it, adults are like that too! That's just way we humans are (you might be all grown up, but you still are one, aren't you? And you remember how you used to want to play when you were a kid).

So the whole idea of making them sit down and do worksheet after worksheet doesn't work too well (please nod or honk your nose if you agree). Of course, we need these skills and discipline as we grow up. For the little guy and gal in your life though, life is just too exciting and wonderful to be sitting behind a desk, (unless it had arts & crafts material on it, of course!).

They explore their environments and learn how this thing called the world works through something called play. In their earlier developmental stages, they cannot comprehend theories and principles. Rather, they need to experience the world first hand (by doing all those things that make us throw out the "can't do that" rules out the window like crawling through/over/under, touching, pulling, pushing and yes, throwing). They need to see something drop, fly, spill, crumble, spin, make noise, light up and so on as their main form of learning.

In other words, they need to interact with the world in ways that engage their senses. And through repetition, they begin to construct rules on how the world works (e.g., "When I throw this, mommy is not happy." Eureka!?)

So the answer to the question "Can educational toys help my child learn better?" is a big "YES". But helping them to learn better is achieved through fun toys that has educational value.

Now that you are an informed expert on educational toys, feel free to explore our information-filled site by clcking on the navigation buttons on the left and see what kinds of toys will fit your needs the best. Remember, you'll learn by exploring too!

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