Building blocks
Laying the foundation

Building blocks. For some reason, these never seem to go out of style. Ever wonder why?

If that's the question you were asking when you came to this page, then prepare to be disappointed because I have absolutely no idea why it's so popular and have endured the test of time the way it has even with the advancement of the toy industry in the recent years.

It seems that people have a few fundamental 'needs', which a toy commonly referred to as building blocks seem to fill quite well.

First is the 'need to create'. It seems that people (children and adults alike) have an innate need to create something. And when they see a set of blocks laying in front of them, most have a hard time suppressing the instinct to reach out for the blocks and to start building something.

Second is the 'need to interact'. What I mean by this is peoples' need to interact with the physical world. They need to exercise their senses and their minds. When people see something that could be manipulated, most do not give it a second thought before reaching out for it.

Third is the 'need to play'. I think this is fairly obvious by its given name. When I see people coming into the store, I constantly see parents playing with some of the display toys as well that were originally meant for the children.

Heck, I even admit to my playing with the toys when it's kind of quiet in the store. On a slow day, I'll grab a roomerang (boomerang made out foam for indoors) and throw it endlessly or some juggling sticks and try new tricks.

So whatever the reason, building blocks just seem to be a fun toy to play with and offer almost limitless possibilities for the child and adults.

Of course, the educational benefit of these blocks are numerous. From fully engaging the child, to helping to develop focus, to helping to lengthen a child's attention span on a task, to problem solving, to creativity, building blocks are one of those toys that is so simple, yet effective toy for a developing mind.

Although it wasn't my intention to do so, it seems like we kind of answered why building blocks have lasted this long and never seem to lose its popularity.

Whichever way you look at it, building blocks is something that I think every child will love and need to have. And it's fun for adults too.

Just try not to hog the blocks for yourself and remember to let your child play with them too.

Or... just get another set of blocks so you don't end up fighting for them.

"education at play"

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