Book Club
We're building our own library with help from our budding authors.

Each Saturday, children are invited to join us at our book reading time. At the end of the story, children are asked to color pictures of the characters from the story. But a closer look will reveal that the pictures are not from the story book itself.

That's because when the picture are collected, they will be used to illustrate either a second part of the story or different endings to the original story.

The following week, the session starts with a reading of the story using the coloring sheet done by the children (either the second part of the story or different endings of the original). This way, the children get to take an active part in the continuation of the stories being read every week and have their work published in our BuddingScholars library.

Signing up is free, as usual, but due to the nature of the activity, we ask that every child be registered in advance to help us prepare.

Also, it is ideal (for the children as well as us) to have the same children return week after week so that they can participate in reading the new story and coloring the pictures, which will be use the following week.

Spaces are very limited in order to make sure that each child can take part in the activities. Signing up through the form below does not yet guarantee a spot. When a placement has been confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email to let you know of the details (e.g., time slot).

With more people signing up, we will make more time slots available, so keep an eye out for new times slots that fit your schedule better.

Please fill out the form below with the name of the child, parent/guardian, email address and your preferred time for the activity. The activity is estimated to last about 45 minutes on average.

We ask that all children come to the activity at or a few minutes before the starting time and stay till the end (if you really have to go somewhere, we'll understand). This helps in building continuity for the children in the activities and following them from week to week. We hope you'll enjoy the BuddingScholars Book Club as much as we do!

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