Thomas recall reimbursement form from RC2

Thomas here again from BuddingScholars. We've just received an email from RC2 with a link for a form that everyone will need to use when returning the affected items in the recall.

This is the info sheet and in the bottom half, you'll see a link to the actual form for the Canadian residents. That form is what you need to print off, fill in and mail to RC2 along with the affected items in the recall.

"These CONSUMER forms need to be filled out and returned with their TWR recall items. This would be the same info Consumers receive when they call the toll free number.

Consumers will receive a replacement item for the recalled item and a free gift and postage will be reimbursed via separately-mailed check at the estimated Canada Post Regular Parcel rate.

Note: RC2 is making changes to these forms periodically, so you can check the below link to make sure you have the most updated copy."


If you have any questions, please contact RC2 immediately. And in the mean time, please separate all known and suspected items from your children's toys keep out of their reach and sight.