It's the best thing since sliced bread.

I have some really, terribly, amazingly and other "ly" ending-words kind of news for you.

It's so simple and logical, that it boggles my mind on how I didn't think of it sooner.

Using this method, I think everyone can save a small fortune on quality educational toys.

Are you ready?

The more we buy, the more we save.

Amazingly simple, isn't it? I told you so.

Basically, through this ezine, we'll gather people who are interested in purchasing a particular product. And obviously, the more people we have participating, the more everyone will save.

Right now, as a first step, we've listed two items for you to choose from. If you have more item suggestions, please feel free to let us know using the form's comment section.

You can look at them and cast your vote (you can vote for both) for your favourite item at:

And since we'll all benefit, please send a quick email or forward this email to your family and friends and get them to sign up to the Promo&News ezine.

This is a very exciting idea and I think it can go really far.

The voting is to determine what product to 'go for'. The final discount level will be determined by how many people actually commit to making the purchase.

Spamming the votes will only ruin everyone's experience and result in lower discount level than expected by making the group choose the item with lower demand (lower demand = lower discount).

So let's spread the word and have fun with this.

We'll except item suggestions until Saturday, Feb/03/07. After that, we'll tally the suggestions and add any new items that had significant request.

Then the actual voting will end on Saturday, Feb/17/07.

Don't worry, we'll send you quick reminder emails about these dates. For now, what we all need to do is to get the word out so that we can save big.